Monday, December 14, 2009

wiii~ theme park =.=

well~ based on the title of this post, it's kinda obvious of where I went. yea~Genting lorhz.... Been planned to visit that place long time ago.... didn't visit the theme park for like~>5 years !!!! >< =.= 4 of us~ dear, Ling. Vicky n me~ I was late~ again~~~~~ SORRY!!! really didn't mean it... slept very late the night before it~ =( stopped by at Wangsa to have breakfast.... n the food's very cheap~most probably it's bcoz got lots of students... (TARC n UTAR) look at my breakfast... I thought hor fun=a bowl of mee with some slices of meat...n who knows, it ended up like tiz..... O.o

n well~ I am not really fond of white chicken... er...don't really know how to eat chicken laaa... as I said, cheap...cause it's only RM3.80~ a bowl of mee+a plate of chickens!!!!
wasted.... I have a few bites of the chicky only.... >.~

oh ya oh ya~ wanna mention my attire~ borrowed my dear's jumper for a day...
wanna create a different style for myself.... so I guess I succeeded =)

ok~ back here~ to the journey.....
continued the way to Genting~dear's driving skill scared both Ling n Vicky~ keke.....

stopped at the cable car station and took the cable car to Genting~ met up with Joyce and her sweetheart... =) pity gurl~ some of our coursemates suppose to come with her....too bad huh...they ffk her....
here we go~ view from the cable car~

I am actually phobia of height... but then...cable car is still ok^^ this made me recalled that when I was small, always afraid that this little cable car will drop to the ground...=.= nah... always frightening myself.....

kinda like this picture...=) cause my dear was looking at me... haha~

80% of Vicky's face with me...

above the clouds at last ! headed to the outdoor theme park to check out the crowds.... not many ppl~ but then still consider as kinda crowded since need to queue up for every types of rides... I hate queue !!!!
took a picture with Ling before going for fun~

played Marry-Go-round.... a lame music playing when it spins...WHY??? I thought when I was young, this kind of ride got music?

dear being forced by us to take the ride~ wakaka..... a guy playing such a kiddo ride with us.....=p

then, went for the next ride~ which is like a swing..a long queue too.... enjoyed this ride as I love the air blowing towards my face but just for

I still have my stupid swollen eye~ tat's why have to wear specs.... n Ling was being very "man" that day with her "sexy" voice and sunnie=)

we went for the antique car ride and a lame spaceship ride.... used to think that Genting theme park is very fun...but then felt kinda bored this time...maybe we are grown up d... that's why felt that these kind of rides are for kidssss..... the conclusion--->I will never visit this theme park again....just like what Ling said, we are going to Casino next time!!! =p

saw some clowns there...they only give balloons to kids...WHY can't we get it too? young adults cannot get balloons o??? got such law??? unfair !!!! both Ling and I saw a very cute balloon~~~ in a lollipop shape--->

sorry for the ugly drawing la....I don't really know how to draw using mouse... but it's cute rite? just imagine it.... we found a clown that wanna give us balloons but then he doesn't know how to make lollipop, only know how to make a love shape balloon...we want LOLLIPOP.... why can't we have it..... sigh sigh ><

picture taken at the dino land by a couple~ used to think that there are lots of dino here.... realise that those are just to cheat kiddos... =.= a very lame boat ride too.... cause we lined up for about 10minutes+ just for a 5 minutes ride? talking about dino~with some fake dino moving..

some Xmas deco in 1st World Hotel~ no comments..just normal~ with lots of lights =)

went to a "garden" without flowers.... hanged out at tat weird place for a while~~~n here goes my solo picture^^

kinda difficult to get a picture of my dear smiling...this one is nice~ he is always acting cool(ooppsss...haha~ kidding....he just doesn't like to smile to the camera)

camwhore with Ling on the way to the cable car station~

overall, this one day trip is not bad~ just that theme park is not fun... hanging out with Ling, Vicky n dear is very fun =) lucky to have them around~

the craze of Lady Gaga~ watch the Bad Romance MV to understand what we were playing XD

bad traffic~ reached home at 9pm+ without having my dinner~hungry !!!! after a bath... head to OldTown for Elaine's birthday celebration~ haha.... I know I am being very naughty.... =p


daph said...

you made Ling looks like a pregnant lady. (the one captured at the main entrance)

chocz-dreamland said...

gosh~ luckily she didn't notice ur comment~ XD

daph said...