Saturday, June 25, 2011

autograph session

it is my very 1st time to attend an autograph session
not really into such events as it ll be crowded and in my mind :" he ll not remember me since he gt thousands of fans.... "

well, this is my 1st time
and the artist is = Anthony Neely
I mentioned him it here...
one of his songs....
gt his album for RM35 and his autograph
a super charming n handsome artist
venue at MMU
went there with bro and met up with vicky n ling
he performed 3 songs... n I love his voice^^

he is indeed very handsome!
a second of glance towards him and an unforgettable smile from him =)
gt to touched his super big n firm hand...
okay...enough.. I sounded like a little gurl...

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