Saturday, June 11, 2011

buenos aires- florida street

pronounced as " bruno sires" in Spanish
a super nice country in the Southern America
took a 23 hours flight to reach that country-Argentina !!!!
indeed I love this place a lot ! wish I have the opportunity to be there explore other parts of the country^^

rest stop at south africa-cape town for 40minutes

florida street
tourist steet~ for those who watch football... u must be familiar with this^^

a very high class shopping mall on the street
just like the pavillion in msia..but it is much more prettier!
look at the ceiling~
seriously, it is pretty rite?????

stuffs selling inside is way too expensive for me... cannot afford anything...
anyway, if u visit buenos aires, u must pay a visit to this mall !!

florida street is designed for pedestrian... no cars are allowed to come in
there are lots of shops along the two sides of the street n it is a very long street..
there are also ppl selling some cheaper stuffs along the road...
if u r gd at bargaining, u might get some nice stuff with gd price!!!!
but then, if u shop in those shops, goods are certainly pricey =)

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Anonymous said...

really nice shopping flavored design...hope will visit there in future^^