Sunday, June 26, 2011

shopping n craze

outfit for the day~
a colourful jumpsuit n a simple make up^^

btw... regarding to my customized necklace
u can check it out at here

it has been a long time since I last hang out with the gals n do shopping with em~~~~
had a great sunday with them =)

our plan of the day...
breakfast at Levain
yummy yummy slurrrpy breads~~~~~~
they r my lovers~ kekez~
visit the newly opened Sephora at Starhill !!!
basically, I can't really afford for the stuffs there..
as they are mostly imported... so, kinda pricey!
but it's really nice in there^^
gt a hand cream n lipbalm...

and oh ya, I got 3 hairbands today !!!!
wee~ craze towards hairbands recently~~~~~
look at my collection(n_n)
I love them!

an edited and combination pic for the day
p/s: the strawberry tart in levain is super NICE!

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