Monday, July 11, 2011

wat I did recently

well~ my scarf is done at last !!!! BRAVO....
after 2 years of knitting it (><)
thanks to mummy for the help...
my ever first handmade scarf and it will be the only one=)

basically, I m neglecting my blog
life is so damn busy~
I had a month of practical in the KL Courts Complex
a great month
super nice memories with my dear team in commercial division
pics will be uploaded in my next post
2 weeks to settle a report...
n act, only a week as the "binding" of the report takes almost a week!

went kampung with family
stop by at Malacca with em=)
had this super yummy cendol durian

jacq's birthday celebration @ the frame, sunway pyramid
nice environment, service sucks !
colourful drinks but tasted normal~
I guess I ll go back again, to try their food =)

daphy birthday celebration on 8th of july at Mines, Sakae Sushi
bad SERVICE !!!!
I wonder why those restaurants that I visited recently has super bad services.....aikzzz...
anyway, we had a great time~ happy birthday dear daphy~

my camwhore pic~
I am addicted to hair bands recently...
Blair's virus(GG)

hanged out with Penang gal, Ivy who is doing her chambering at KL now
lunch at Zanmai n did a little shoppings at MV~
we walked for 5 hours without rest ! =)
bel was with us too but she joined her friends most of the time^^
*till here

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