Friday, February 3, 2012

CNY summary

CNY last for 15 days
I am busy ever since I am back to KL =D

a short summary since my blog is not being updated for quite some time~~~

as usual, celebration in kampung... daily routine- wake up, breakfast, chit chat or poker or mahjong, lunch, chit chat or poker or mahjong or watching tv programmes, dinner, watch tv programmes n sometimes playing some firecrackers
back to KL by thursday evening...
kind of miss my grandparents NOW!
they are being lonely again after CNY.... a huge house with a very quiet n peace atmosphere...
sometimes, I wish I can visit then more often... they are old, grandma hurt her back and unable to walk well, grandpa broke his feet and can't walk yet without a "tongkat"
wish them healthy always !

ok, back to KL...
went to "tian hou gong" chinese temple with parents
camwhoring in car
I didn't visit this place for like more than 6 years d!
it is quite pretty during CNY season^^

red lanterns ^^

weather was too hot and we grabbed an ice-cream... fav ice-cream in my childhood=D

had a family(dad's side) CNY gathering n birthday celebration of my cousin bro^^
had fun that nite! it's nice to have a big family^^

cousin sis who is super slim n fair =)
spent part of my childhood with her^^

p/s: I will be in SG this coming weekend~ teehee~

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