Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SG trip

it's been a year since my last visit to SG
ever since I went to UUM, I often visit SG since there's a JB friend who welcomes me all the time XD
but then, this time, Ivy sis n I went there without her. We had a stayed in SG... which is damn expensive!
a tiring midnight bus journey, as I can't sleep on the bus!!!
breakfast at Geylang after we left our bags in the hotel~

then, took the MRT to Orchard road to meet up with Ivy's friend(2 of them)~
got an ezylink card at last=D
one of Ivy's friend^^

my main purpose of visiting orchard road= A&F + H&M
mission accomplished!^^
wish these two outlets ll open in Msia ASAP!
Managed to get a sweet dress from H&M~
while for A&F, the clothings are way too expensive! wait till I start working then I ll shop smthg from there XD
btw, the promoters r hot! n I got to take a pic with the half naked 6 packs model...XD

lunch at Ding Tai Fung~ damn long queue!
wonder why SG has so many tourists!

then, we headed to sentosa island^^
pay 1 SG Dollar if u walk to the island, 3 SG Dollar if u take the train.... so, we chose to walk! XD

somewhere near the casino... with the CNY decorations^^

my first time to visit the casino^^
I am qualified at last!!! which means I m old d=(
a pic with M&M mascot~

then, took a cab to Night Safari!
taking cab in SG isn't cheap! (><)

night safari^^
Ivy's friends didn't join us so we are back to two of us again after dinner

dined at Bongo's Burger~

look at the queue!
we queued for an hour to go on the tram!
anyway, it was a nice experience... I can't take any nice pic since it was kind of dark and my camera is kind of stupid...XD wish I have a DSLR at that moment^^
entrance fee=32 SG Dollar~ worth it !

we missed the last MRT back to our hotel after the night safari=(
ended up we have to take a cab that charged us double the normal price since it is after 12am.....wuwuwuwuwuwuwu.......
back to hotel, took a bath n hit to the sack!

next day, we headed to Bugis~
had a walk at Bugis Junction~

we had our lunch there too!
SG's food are not nice at all compared to Msia...kekez
I love Msia's food a lot!!!! teeheee
visited a temple at Bugis~
it was damn crowded... look at the crowd behind me!
perhaps it is because of CNY^^

we headed to Lavender street to take bus and there goes the journey back to Msia!
end of SG trip!
indeed it is a short trip n having holiday in SG isn't cheap!
a great trip with sis even though my legs r killing me!
till here~ ciaozzz~~~~~

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