Thursday, February 16, 2012

1st Valentine's Day

warning: this is gonna be a loovey-doovey post XD

we were in a LDR ever since this r/s started 2 years ago~
thus, for the previous 2 V-day, we didn't get the chance to celebrate tgt
this year, we are lucky to be able to celebrate it at last!
a little gift for him^^
something very useful for him =)
our V-day is not specially planned since I think that it's not worth to spend so much money on a fancy dinner just because it is a V-day~ as long as we love each other, every day is a V-day right?^^
besides, we r still students, better to celebrate the day with a simpler way^^

our matching birkens

had dinner at his house after his classes have ended
home-cooked dinner by his mum and we headed to Bangsar Village

spot his cheek!


hanged out in The Borders for a while as he wanted to browse through some mags~

see! he ignored me~~~ managed to captured a pic of him reading the mag....

when he realised I am too bored XD

n there goes our V-day celebration at Haagen Dazs =)
a chocolate fondue
desserts= my favourite!!!!! cannot resist!
especially when the ice-creams are in love shape for the V-day celebration^^
so cute rite?

drooling!!!~ can't wait for a bite^^
he is not really fond of this fondue... basically, 70% of the fondue was eaten by me!

random camwhore

muacks! XD yeah...kill me plz...wth....LOL

a V-day without roses or chocolates...doesn't mean it is not romantic
a V-day with him by my side for a few hours and a lovely fondue =)
thanks babe!
I love you~


Wei Xiong said...

'spot his cheek' was it so real by your lip? it looks like drawing spot on his cheek.
hope that your love will keep remain until end of your life.

chocz-dreamland said...

XD natural lips mark! thanks=D

Goh said...

waw.. nice n sweet n simple V~day =)