Sunday, October 2, 2011

half day @ Penang

5 of us decided to head to Penang for a sing-k session and some shopping moments
departed at 1pm after lunch and reached Queensbay Mall at 3pm
then, we did some shoppings...
I got myself the rabbit bb casing, a lovely sunnies @ forever 21 and a cleanser at face shop
well, I didn't buy any clothes or unnecessary stuffs=D wee... manage to control myself
found Chatime at there too but too bad I am not allowed to take any cold drinks that day...
reason? gals' problem larhz... (><) so SAD! I am yearning for it ever since I am back to forest
sob sob......

after that, we headed to Neway...
RM51 per pax with a buffet dinner...
OMG... expensive rite? tsk tsk... will not pay so much for sing-k session anymore !

we had a great time together!
the only guy-Allen

back to hostel by 1am~

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