Wednesday, October 12, 2011

cheerleading- back to high school

cheerleading!!! GO YELLOW!!!

Law Sports Carnival 2011 falls on the 7th of October
I didn't plan to participate in any sports regarding to it
ended up, I were in the cheerleading team for my batch mates due to Joyce
she was once the coach of her convent school cheerleading
so, we gals decided to take this chance to have some fun^^

well, I have never been in a cheerleading team before...
I mean those which need to dance and do some stunts...
there is never such cheerleading team in my high school era...
thus, it is quite a nice experience for me^^

we practised a song in Glee for 4 nights^^
and we dressed up nicely in the day since 6.45am
indeed we looked very cheerful
our batch colour is yellow
the "pom pom" is handmade by us
the skirt is only RM1 from some warehouse sales
the T is from another event by Law Society

4 chinese gurls in the cheerleading
another 2 malays gurls and 2 guys
we are in a team of 8 people

we got the attention of the day due to our super nice "pom pom" and kind of kiddo attire (><)

volleyball match in action~

with Desarine

part of my gang^^


Marrybrown mascot by the seniors

Joyce... our coach^^

Red team... the seniors, 7th semester....

our efforts were paid as we got the best supporting team=D
happy and proud of my batchmates=)
a great yet tiring morning
n I became darker due to the constant exposure to the sun=(

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