Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 convocation

my very first time to attend a convocation
the 8th batch seniors....
falls on the first day of the week of convocation
I miss them a lot !!!!!

wish them luck in their chambering life and become a successful lawyer after long call^^

it was a super hot and sunny day
n yeah... I became darker again =.=
convocation is all about people...
you can see people every where... cameras every where
damn crowded !!!
n I have spent so much on flowers and bears!!!
anyway, we had a great time
our batch made some handmade 3D cards for 20 seniors
hope they will love it^^
the process of making....we spent 2 nites for these cards!
I looked like an aunty in this pic (><)

nice anot????=D

congrats miss Ivy, my dear~~~~ miss her!!!!

Ron senior~

and of course there are many more pictures but I am kinda lazy to upload them~~~
not to forget a pic with Rekhraj... the charming senior...XD he is so damn tall!!!!

btw, we are on one of the Chinese newspaper !!! =D
lucky us~~~

attended another seniors convocation 4 days later...
I skipped a class for this =p
a senior from hometown^^
he has given me lots of advices and guidance before I came into this forest university~~~

congrats to all of you!
convocation is all about smiley faces=)

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