Tuesday, January 4, 2011

nom nom... food at Viet Viet

1st meal at Pho24
or rice?

xmas eve dinner at I love Bun~

chicky rice

beef steamboat~~~

tea break at chinatown=)

green bean dessert

red bean + lotus seed

2nd day dinner=)

lunch at a village
fish being served in a special way=D

preparing vietnam spring roll for us^^

pretty n nice^^
I did try to make one myself it ended up very ugly...hehez..

last day of dining in HCMC
Pho 200
Pho for the president XD

guess who had meal at here b4?
Bill Clinton~ wootzz... kinda unbelievable...
pictures around in the restaurant~

big portion orhz...

sweet curry... cooked with sweet potatoes~ very different from Msia's curry....

pho~~~ = noodles^^

looks yummy, aren't they...
but I do prefer Msia's food ! it's still the best!

oh ya... I have to mention this
normal chillies rite?
but they r damn spicy...I really mean it...
just put 4 pieces of it in ur bowl of pho and u ll feel ur lips burning....
damn hot ! even my mummy who loves spicy food feels it~

cute menu^^
n their dishes are quite expensive~

lotus seed, coconut

nice decorations~
full with vege underneath the noodles

healthy diet^^

last but not least,
bloody marry n screwdriver on plane

dinner on plane~~~~


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