Friday, January 7, 2011

I change a lot...didn't I ?

I look very different in these few years... aren't I?
from rabbit to braces to off braces and from straight black hair to curly black hair to golden highlights and to red highlights and to light brown hair and now... still thinking wat colour to dye^^
from bangs that I comb aside, fringe n bangs and fringe and now back to bangs again...I think this is the best bangs I have ever cut... but, hot arhz!!!! I guess I prefer fringe....

from spec to lenses and sometimes I am still kinda lazy to put on lenses especially going for classes where I do not have enough sleep...hehe

from skinny to thin to normal to normal and normal.... I hope I can be thinner^^

a picture within 4 years....
I looked so funny with the bunny teeth~~ the left upper corner...

here comes~~~~~ the latest !
2011 Jan

go through those old pictures and found everyone has indeed change=D
we used to be so cute n innocent...

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daph said...

innocent n cute?! o.O"
Is that the best word?