Saturday, January 22, 2011

my bloggie

just gt the news that 2 of my morning classes is cancelled^^

get into my bloggie at last....
dunno why the uni wifi is a bit weird...
can't get into my bloggie!!!!!! isssh isssh~~~~~

so, life is pretty peaceful in the first week of being back to uni
I am recovering from the cough n sneeze~
I went to Dannok, Hatyai n Penang so far...XD
been having fun since this is the only time where I ll be free
assignments n stressful class + lots of activities coming up soon !
so, I m enjoying my life before facing the stress~ hehez...

btw~ I am back to town for CNY in 5 days time~
it ll also be the only holiday till end of May~
yeah...dammit....the new timetable causes me have to celebrate my 21st birthday with final exam.... =.=

well~ till here and I ll try to blog for wat I have left out^^

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