Monday, November 15, 2010

room alone

yeah, as I have mentioned in the previous post
I am back to forest, my "favorite" place in the world...=p thanks a lot to HS and friends who got me at the airport yesterday at 10pm
gonna mumble a bit before I date with my books^^
btw, it's my very first time to be on business class in a flight=) weee~~~ damn cool~~~
thanks to my precious dad for giving me a chance to experience of being a rich gal for an hour n 10 minutes XD wealthy ppl indeed gets different treatment...
took me an hour to cleaned my room and unpacked my stuffs ~super duper dirty since I left it 2 weeks ago!!! *sneezing*here comes my sensitive nose
I am the only one back to hostel in Ground floor...sounds creepy rite??? dirty toilet as I guess those cleaner didn't work since they are only a few students left.... (but luckily they cleaned it this morning !=D) gonna be alone for a few more days since Haji is coming soon, n my neighbours are Malays....guess they are not coming back so
oh ya, brought lots of food back^^ chocolates, RT Pastry bread(ll only last me for 2 days), fruits!!!,eggs, KIMCH=), n of course a variety range of biscuits......
time to locked up the naughty and playful heart in the locker~
n here, I present you the NERDY and hardworking heart~LOL
hope u will work well =)
gambateh !!!!!


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