Friday, November 5, 2010

greAt time with hIs buddIes

hanged out with his buddies on Tuesday after their class has ended
lunch at one of my favourite restaurant=D

ah.....30% full d...o.O

penne bolognese~1st time to try this...
don't really like it, I prefer their classic carbonara spaghetti -LOVE it^^

tadaaa~ the guys =)

I didn't really mentioned their name in my blog, here comes their individual pic^^

Sheng Eu and his lunch....can't believe he finished that plate of chicken !!!!!!

Keong~~looks cute in tiz pic^^

Yin Lai-pic taken with a slant head...hehez..

my dear babe =D
he is holding my favourite dish^^

n of course the HAPPY me^^

SE n YL can really EAT a lot !!!!
stunned by their big appetite^^

"couple T" with my babe~~~

a pic with babe before leaving^^

Italliannies in The Gardens is fulled with students on that day~
making the place kinda like in chaos...
I was damn full and unable to finish my lunch....
Once again, unable to try their Tiramisu =(
Next time, must not order so much as I WANNA order dessert^^

we headed for a movie-RED
go for it if u need some laughs =D


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