Sunday, November 7, 2010

birthday basheS

a year where most of my friends turned in to 21st=)
attended 2 birthday bashes yesterday night~
1st, T.G.I Friday at Sunway for Miss CY's birthday~
I didn't dine there since I am not really fond of their food=(~

taken with her polaroid camera


happy birthday sexy~

then headed to PY's house for her birthday
thanks a lot to babe for fetching^^he must be tired for the day~~~
we were kinda late, reached at 11pm, SORRY PY !!! but I made it to show up=)
had some fun playing poker cards games with the gals
taken a pic with PY but the pic is with Vicky~
upload ya gurl =)

love PY's cute dress
Happy birthday sweetie^^

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