Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alice In The Wonderland =)

hi hi~~~~ my dead blog XD
entertainment !!!! a little bit of fun after test ~~~~

it's quite a rare opportunity that my Tuesday class is cancelled ! =)
so, decided to went out with my friends...
some of them went to Penang to sing K and hang around...
while Ida, Bel, Teoh n me headed to Alor Setar Mall for the movie I have been waiting since the first time I saw it's trailer !!!
Alice in The Wonderland ! ^^
Alor Setar Mall is kinda far duh....but it's the only cinema around here with that, I rather travel far just to watch that movie.... can you feel how much I yearn for it ???? ^^
well, nvr dream that there is 3D version here.... T.T at least it is showing.....
it's a nice movie...I love all the characters in it =) not to say about it's story line's kinda normal for me....I guess it's because it's a kids movie and it is more to the modern style^^....but I can't help to LOVE the characters in it !!! love them so DAMN much !!! they r just too pretty and lovely! LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!

The Red Queen... love her red hair larhz^^even though her head is super big...=p

anne hathaway as the white queen... love her... pretty^^ so fair !

I love Alice's dresses in the movie^^ thought she looked so pale at first cause she is too fair... but then she is quite lovely too^^

it's really a wonderland.....this movie made me recall of how much I used to love fairytale when I was young^^

last but not least....the super handsome and cute guy-Johnny Depp !!!! he is cool !
as Mad Hatter.....
love his colourful eyes...haha

bravo to Tim Burton's movie^^ love his movie...
awww.... hope that I can watch it again.....
nvr regret to go for this movie~~~
amazing movie!

oh ya, a song written by Avril for this movie-Underground.....
I realise it after I have watched the movie...XD so outdated... ><
nice song !


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