Thursday, March 18, 2010

CNY in Forest

some late updates.... reasons of why I was MIA for quite some time...been super busy for the extra activities other than on my assignments... ><
a brief post here about the CNY at my uni =) went to another EON hostel Spring Fest Dinner and a Spring Fest event at my hostel....

it's quite a nice dinner~ went there with my gang...
took a picture at the Dewan MAS before going in...Bel's new hairstyle is cool !

not to forget, my camwhore sickness =p

Daniel Lee as the special guest....used to like him a lot as he is very CUTE ! ^^

lastly...a group picture of the gals before going back to our hostel again...there are lots of pictures being taken but I have chosen a few only larhz...aikz.... lazy d =p

follow on~~~ my hostel SF ! ^^
I am one of the Committee Member of it, in the Sponsorship.... looking forward to it since last year ! it was quite a successful SF and I am proud for it ^^
Fashion Show models....leng lui n leng zai~~~~

Office wear

Indian and Korean style~~~

Chinese Emperor style, Malay wear and Chinese traditional wear^^

that's how the hall looks like during that nite....full with people....200+ students from campus hostels came to our hostel

there are lots of programs on that nite... Fashion show, Lion dance, each races dances-love the Bollywood dance ! singings, duet(romantic !!!!), super funny drama !!!(mimic Lady Gaga) etc ^^

picture with some of my friends~~~^^
that's also our event's T shirt ~~~

tidy the hall till 3am after the event...was damn tired !!!!!
a great experience...can't wait for the next one =))))))

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daph said...

ur office wear couple purposely pose for u to snap?? the lady phone posing super suitable.