Monday, January 9, 2012


something isn't right about my brain~
suffered from insomnia for the first time in my life!
the nite before company law n banking law
I am only able to sleep at almost 5.30 am and woke up 40 minutes later for preparations of company law paper at 9am...
then, slept at 9am n woke at 11.30 am for banking law paper at noon... ZzzZZzzzzz
I went to bed before 3am that nite! imagine how many hours I have been awake!

friends kept on said "U r too stress!"
indeed I am stress but I am not really that stress(till I can't sleep)... I just can't figure out what happened to my brain either... nervous I guess.....ZzzzZzzzzz......
it don't want to let me sleep.....

wish myself able to sleep for the other papers....wuwuwuwuwu......
can't wait to go home! 2 weeks to go =)

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