Monday, December 1, 2014


I don't really blog nowadays, loss the passion in it XD
well well well, I can't believe that 2014 is coming to an end! SO SOON!
a lot of things happened this year, and yea, I am typing this blog  post from Sheffield.
Away for 2 months d!
I have come to UK in Sept to pursue a postgraduate study in Law, which is something really out of my plan! I am glad and feeling lucky that I am here today =)
Students' life is always the best!
life is pretty good.
I have settled down, UK is great, yet no doubt I miss Msia a lot, especially the people and food there.
Postgraduate and Undergraduate is quite different, I have to be more independent.
and to be frank, I am spending most of the time alone. 
walking alone to class, walking home alone... I sounded so pathetic huh? LOL 
Life is not that bad~haha~sometimes I do hang out with friends, but the feeling is very different as compared to the days when I was doing my undergraduate studies. Not sure how to describe that~ aihz
anyway, I am very lucky to know these bunch of new friends, new coursemates, new housemates!
they are really nice and those who have been studying in Sheffield for the pass few years are very good in welcoming me and making sure I have a good time here! I really appreciate them in inviting me over for a gathering or dinner =D

I believe that this 1 year of study will be a great experience to me.. 
I am forced to cook for myself, took up some baking skills (bcoz I am craving for desserts, and there's an oven in the kitchen, so why not utilize it right?)
hope that everything goes well and hope that ppl I love in Msia are doing well too!

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