Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of 2014

2014 has been a great year! No doubt bout that! Lots of life changing events from ending my pupillage life to starting a LLM program in UK which is smthg like my dream come true! Really appreciate this chance thanks to my lovely parents especially daddy 😬 learnt a lot and more to learn! I hope 2015 will be better! Will spend more than half of 2015 in UK and I hope it will be a great year ❤️
Wish for snow in January😬😬😬
1 complete my LLM well
I shall try my best even though it is not easy!!!! Gayao! Be hardworking and go go go for all the essays and thesis! 
2 utilize the kitchen
I gonna bake n cook well!!! XD
3 readings
As usual, I think I need to read more n more! Perhaps I will get a kindle this year! 
4 exercise 
Due to the weather, I can't really jog outdoor, so I shall swim or rock climb anything! Must work out! 
5 get a job 
I guess this only applies when I m bak to Msia, I wish to enter a reputable firm and start my legal career officially! 
6 save 
Well this is an important habit 
7 travel alone 
No matter where or how many days I wanna experience this! 😆
8 keep all the friendship and families 
Away from home has indeed made me missed out a lot of events back in Msia I shall make sure we r still together no matter where am I 

I guess that's all for now... The list isn't complete I believe as time goes by I will have more dreams coming~

Thanks for the love one being by my side~ 
Another year another challenge!
Bye 14 welcome 15! 
Happy New Year from London, in a Mexican grilled restaurant😆 

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