Saturday, August 21, 2010

aLor stAr ouTing

my gang went out at last last weekend^^
after a month + being locked up in the forest....
it's kinda difficult for us to hang out since this semester is fulled with activities and studies...

it was a great day with them^^
1st stop~
McD !!!!! smthg I am yearning in this forest.....
got the chance to have a big bite of it at last!

then, we headed to Alor Star Mall for a movie~
part of us went for Salt, and part of us went for the Expendables
Expendables is a SUPER cool movie !!!!! =)

my mouth can't stop eating for the entire outing...
munch munch in the cinema....
munch munch Big Apple donnuts in Tesco...XD

love it!

dirty mouth meggie n me =)

with the guys^^

4 of us who are obsessed with donnuts...hahaz...

ended up with chocolate fingers and hands =P

then, I headed for a few pieces of Sushi^^
love food !!~

bel bel n Hock Song

shopped for some groceries =)

headed for a chinese dinner and there goes our day~
tired yet happy^^

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