Thursday, August 5, 2010

faShion sHow

it's my first time to be a model in fashion show^^
was kinda excited and looking forward towards it =p

it is one of the programme in the Hello Seniors Welcome Juniors night organised by Law Society^^ held on last Friday in DTSO, a hall in the campus

Rosdi is the designer for this fashion show
I am really IMPRESSED for what he has done !
He used old cloths(those we used in last semester during Law Dinner) to create so many lovely dresses !!!
thanks a lot to him... appreciate ^^

it was just a few minutes of walking around yet we had a great time
a nice memory to be cherished^^

make ups
since I am not a pro in putting eye shadow,
my Malay friend put on the blue eye shadow for me..... ^^
*babe said he prefer the plain and ori me ><*

with the blue dress^^
it's actually a piece of cloth wrapping around my body and with lots of safety pins to make sure the dress doesn't slip down.... cool rite?
yet it looks like a piece of nice dress~

deng deng ~~~~
nice o not ?!
it has a super big bow at the back, and it's a super long dress.... that's why I nearly tripped myself...-,-

ok.... so, it's the time to meet up with my dear friends now^^
the 2 chinese guys ~~~
guni man and poker man~

PY and me =)

poker man and me^^
I did the make ups for him XD

my partner on show....

Mas.... she is the one who helped me in "colouring" my eyes....XD

Cha~ cute !

Farah~~her dress is very nice =)

Naima~~~ tiny cute gal~
best dress =)

the four of us ~~~~
there are two kinds of themes, Fab and Crab....
the guys are actually crab and gals are fab yet their crab are looking nice too^^

Hann, our photographer^^

last but not LEAST and the most IMPORTANT^^
our designer !

show starts~~~~

since the front view of my dress is plain
here goes a view from my back just to show u the huge bow made from cloth and papers

the only dresses in the world custom made for us~ hehez....

.. super tall senior !

well, that's all for this post...
indeed I had fun that night^^

3rd semester uni life is super duper busy !!!!!!
updates again when I get the time to blog again =)


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