Friday, August 6, 2010

spoRty cHocz

hey there =)
kinda happy today...
this will be a post about how my day goes on^^

I managed to watch an episode of a HK drama today...
watch drama/movie for the 1st time since I am back here...
this can prove that how busy am I....huhu....
it's a rest day for me... =D
laundry early in the morning, follow by church service, chinese lunch, a bit of shopping(I bought a loaf of bread + mask ! =)) oh ya, ate a piece of chocolate cake ! XD
clean my room and follow by a 20 minutes nap and then----->
sports TIME =)
Meg, my sporty mate, we ll try to do an exercise a day, no matter it is jog or squash or badminton or swim=)
this is nice and I am kinda in love with this^^
been practicing this routine since we are back to forest...
hope I can be healthy and slim down at the same time =P

I am sure exercising is better than watching drama rite? =D
support me ! =)

btw, the weird timetable of the campus swimming pool.... kinda lame rite?...=.=
3 sessions
female only, male only and mix.... =.=
N IT IS CLOSED AFTER 6PM during Puasa period...T.T

I am taking up the challenge to go for life saver learning class =)
wish me luck k~

that's all =)
lastly, a pic taken with Hann when we went for badminton with the guys in campus a week+ ago~

gotta stop here~~~~ have to go for meeting =S
different kinds of meetings every nite....+.+

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