Wednesday, September 7, 2011


yeah~I am a BB user ^^
I am in love with BB ever since I knew of its existence...
even though I love Iphone a lot...(well... who doesn't like it?) yet I just can't help but to love BB more... (><) anor reason, BB is cheaper compared to Iphone =D
so, I got my dream phone at last !!!! at 21 years old... XD 060911 from my lovely dad...(mum kept on mumble after I got the phone =p)
a BlackBerry Bold 3
I have never own a phone I like before due to my careless attitude... parents ll never ever allow me to get a better phone n I am also having no confidence towards myself...hehez
SO, I must make sure I tc of this BB nicely...
felt so heart pain by seeing dad paying for this phone =( Ok... indeed I m happy now yet I am feeling abit sorry towards daddy for spending his money bcoz of me...

okies... till here for sharing my happiness^^ I really need some time to figure out how to use this phone =D
happy happy day !!!

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Wei Xiong said...

Sure that you won't lose your BB. You had experience about losing old hp.