Sunday, September 25, 2011

lanGkawi 2D1N

It is actually very late and I am having a 8am class yet I am blogging this trip in detail

a trip by my gang at last !!!
since the 2nd semester coz we were too busy with activities in our 3rd n 4th semester
well~ there are only 9 of us who made it to this trip
MJ went home, Hann cannot skip her koke and Ong was at Langkawi with his hometown friends...
anyway, we still had a great time^^
the trip is on Malaysia day=a public holiday=crowded
damn crowded at the jetty
but then the condition is still ok on the island...
we didn't go for island hopping since Joyce is phobia of boat
we reached the island at 10am.... took the rented Avanza and headed for lunch!!!
our motel is just in Kuah Town...
a cozy, sweet and cheap motel
Street Motel... go for it if u r on a low budget!!!

it's a rainy day but we were lucky to get to the look out point for the cable car
the sky turns bright when we were there =D
it's my first time there and OMG I love this place~ nice scenery and I don't mind getting some sun tan^^
Joyce n PY were the only two gals afraid of height so we had some funny moments with two of them~
let the pic do the talking yearhzzz.
I was in a bohemian style ^^
an attire suitable for holiday on island=)
each of us had an ice-cream when we were back on the land
to quench our thirst and to feel better in this sunny and hot day
gals with big head^^
oriental village=D

then, we headed to Cenang Beach in the evening~
to the beach !!!!!!
awww.... love beach the most^^
we had lots of fun there....
that's me holding Joyce's hand running towards the sea~~~~
love this pic too~

solo pic at the beach~

our gangs' name~
Duodecim Cor~~~~~
crazy us~
this is basically how the first day went on~
we had dinner at KFC and headed back to motel for happy hours^^
vodka absolute + sprite
made everyone dizzy and falling asleep very soon.....suddenly, JOYCE CAN'T BREATH!!!!!
bel helped her since she suffered from asthma before when she was young
made all of us awake and rushed to the hospital
OMG... what a surprise and our first experience in Langkawi GH
she really need to take care and bring her inhaler along all the time
ended up we went to bed at 4 in the morning
with two crazy gurls which were kinda drunk~
what a night =D

the next day~ we headed to Galeri Perdana, which is a gallery by our 4th Prime Minister...
then to the Black sand beach for some photo shooting
headed to Kuah Town to get some chocolates^^
I got babe a CK euphoria perfume
my very first time to buy a perfume...^^
it smells nice n recommended by lots of ppl~~~
didn't really spend a lot on chocolate even though I am a chocolate lover
I love Langkawi n my friends^^
happy to have u guys in my uni life~~~

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