Monday, September 5, 2011

ok... 2 pics for the moment

neglecting my blog again n again
this 3 months + holiday since end of May is coming to an end
arhhhh... dun feel like going back !!!! T.T

a random meet up with a friend at Sg Wang area...
it happens as I went in to a movie shooting accidentally (><)
realized that shooting a movie is damn tiring !!!!
so, perhaps u ll get to see me in a movie for less than half second very soon in the cinema or pirated DvDs....XD
it's a local movie... forgotten the name d...aikz... ll update later when the movie is out^^

out of the hectic town for a 2 days 2 nites trip at Malacca the historical town with Ivy and local tour guide, our lovely junior-Vinnie =D
details ll b posted up later !!!!!

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