Saturday, December 26, 2015


I wish there is a delete button in life so I can delete all the sadness. This will never happen and such button does not exist, so I need to deal with it. Life is full with ups and downs and this year, 2015, it is a year where I learnt how to be tough and how to deal with a break up.

Decided to hit the unfriend button and 'delete' everyone who is related to him. I hope I will recover sooner through this way. Sorry for being selfish, to those who are not involved, for those who are innocent. You hurt me deeply, even it is more than half a year since the break up. I cannot believe that you still have such power/ ability to influence my emotions! I feel dumb and I have decided to pick up myself and get rid of you! 

No point of being friends, no point of maintaining this friendship. From strangers to lovers and back to strangers. I guess this is how things work when one is feeling too hurtful. Perhaps one day I will recover 100% and perhaps there is a fate to be friends again. I never know what is the universe's plan for me. For the time being, I am feeling too sad and this is the only way and I have decided to choose this way in order for myself to walk through this break up. 

Promise myself, 2016 will be better! Your life doesn't revolve around him, your life will not be ruined by him.

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