Thursday, December 31, 2015

Let bygones be bygones

Today is the last day of 2015
Can't believe that 2015 is coming to an end,
at last, and so soon...

I have shed too much tears this year, I guess...
(don't compare it to those times when I was still a baby)
unhappiness, sadness, happiness, excitements,  I would say I have went through a hell lot of emotions this year

It is a year where God has decided to give me some lessons
I learnt to be more mature, tougher, stronger...
Not gonna type a post about Him, I guess it is enough, I do not wish to bring these sadness to the new year! let whatever that happened in 2015 stay in 2015...
enough of mourning...
Despite the fact that I went through a break up in 2015, I have created a lot of amazing memories too! Had my first solo backpack, had an amazing time in the UK, met a lot of great people etc
2016 shall be a brand new year, a new start, another exciting year ahead!
A year where I find happiness, find myself, be amazing!

Thanks for family and friends, for being there whenever I needed you guys
I am not a person who express a lot, I do not want my love one to be troubled by my problems...
I guess that is how I am, so when I cannot endure the sadness anymore, I will lost control and have an emotional break down, and I am glad that you guys are there with me!

so yeah, life isn't that bad right, more positive vibes!
I still have you guys around...
can't deny the fact that I still miss him, but I believe that I can still lead an amazing life or a better life without him by my side!

Hence, another post for NYR!
I guess I did most of the stuffs I listed down for 2015 NYR =) Great!

1 Be happy, truly happy, find yourself, find happiness, love yourself, enjoy your single life, let go!
2 Build my career, what kind of future do you want? Get a job, work hard, work smart
3 Be healthy, sweat it out! Full marathon in your list if it is possible! Perhaps, some hiking too
4 Hopefully, a backpack holiday in SEA
5 Readings, this is in my every year list, as usual, I wish to be able to read more! (been reading a lot during this holiday)
6 Be patient, be more mature, learn how to handle some matters in the proper way
7 Be an attractive woman! Haha~ I need to improve myself in all aspects! Fighting!
8 Cook/Bake, improve the skills! hehe~

I guess this list is kinda short and brief,
I just want to be a happy and simple woman =)

Bye 2015, Welcome 2016


JS said...

All the best for the new year and may 2016 be a good year!

Daphne Low said...

Keep fighting! To a year that can fly! ✋