Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PYee's House Warming~

Date : Sunday nite, around 9pm~
went to PYee's house after home from Melaka...
had sum light food at her house...
follow by chit-chatting...
lastly, photo taking~ very funny n crazy....
especially Zen, the one who did lots of funny faces... lolz~
nt much words to express...
the photos ll do the typings^^

the gals~

the hand with the beer ruined the pic~ >.<

look at Zen^^ on the left~

Jacq n Lip~ so sweet huh~
"Zai Yi Qi"~ XD

PYee n Jfree~
look at Jfree's face... hahaz~

Ling n Kam Tze
Jambu Sis n Tebu Bro~ ^^

Zen n Ah Lai~
innocent Ah Lai... ^^

dats Des with me~^^

Keong n Vicky^^

Guo Jing, Vicky n Kaki

>.<" disturbing je.....

the party ended at 12am++~

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