Friday, February 13, 2009

ValEntinE <> chOcOhOlic

another post here~
sumthing about chocz again...
a box of chocz truffles from my BFF~
it contains of dark n milk chocz..
each of it tastes differently...
sweet sweet sweet^^

chocz reminds me of Valentine Day again^^
one of the favourite gift during this day~
it is a great n important day for couples n lovers...
tiz year, it falls on Saturday... tat's very nice indeed!
n of course, if u r single, spend the day with ur dear friends~
don't stay at home...
this day doesn't mean those singles have to suffer... rite?^^
when I was still in 2ndary school,
I ll surely b busy on this day...not dates laa..
but, sending gifts... -society activities~
selling chocz n apples^^
hmm.... nostalgic~

at last... a Valentine day tat has nthg to do with school life~
well~ this year...
I m away~
going to Malacca with a gang of F5 classmates n frenz~
(since I m still single...^^)
kinda weird... cause I seldom join them...
smthg wrong with myself~ lolz~
made this decision 1 month ago~
n actually,
I didn't realise it falls on Vday till Ling mentioned it >.<
do hope it ll be a nice memory to b cherished ^^

btw~ smthg to share b4 i end this post...
a "special" chocz~
gt it from Daph...
dun think I ll eat it... lolz~
hmmm.... guess wat shape it is?
it looks like....??? u need to have sum notty thinkings~ =p
*hints* the drawings on the packaging~

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Kam Tze a.k.a Vader said...

zomg that last chocolate, it really do look alot like a p...s