Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY n V-day

back to KL for 2 days...
watched Toothfairy with dear at Sunway Piramid~ quite a funny movie but then normal larhz...
went to MV the next day to do a little bit of shoPping =))))))
I miss the shopping malls here too much duh !!!!!! do hope I can stay here a day more XD
just helped mummy to do some CNY decoratioN since she is not free~~~
taadaa....pussy willow plant ~~~ ^^

just the same as every year~
going back to Johor for the CNY celebration~ hope I have the mood to finish up the piles of assignments n revisions !!!!!! sigh sigh sigh~~~~ a CNY where I need to face books..... T.T

another thingy~ everyone knows about it!
V-day bangs with "nian chu yi" aka 1st day of CNY
the 1st V-day for me^^ but then can't spend it with my dear.... I sounded like I am sad??? XD well, the most important thingy is to appreciate everyone important by ur side every day.... =)
thanks to my dear for this sweet present~comes in a pair (n_n)

till here~
Happy CNY !!!!!! grOar !!!!! (tiger's roar ??? ><)


Ida said...

wei..nice gift li bu ping heng la..ahahaha

chocz-dreamland said...

haha~ thanks... u got Ron d... i also xin li bu ping heng la...haha