Thursday, February 11, 2010

home again for CNY

been kinda busy that's why my blog stay still at the Hatyai trip ><
back home by yesterday night flight~~~
love to be back home again !!!!
kinda happy to feel the atmosphere of CNY =)
I skipped the wed and thurs class~~~kekeke~
suppose to have a in class assignment on wed 4.30pm class but then Bel, Ida and me finished it earlier, we did it on the Sunday class... XD bravo to us ! hope the result ll not skrew up larhz.....
kla... it's kinda late now... I am sleepy d....
went to UTAR today to give my dear a up, it's kinda a failure duh... =.=


Ida said...

weiii....class 3.30 la...nt 4.30 la..ahahaa

chocz-dreamland said...

haha~ sorry...blur d...=p