Wednesday, February 3, 2010

flOatinG maRket

the day started with a breakfast which I really dislike... aikzzzz......
tourist guide's fault...><
swear I ll not join any kind of tour anymore !
our morning fresh lookings....

we went to visit some souvenir shops... didn't get anything from there....

my favourite picture of the day~ picture taken by Jun^^

a Thai cuisine as our lunch~ not really that nice duh... but then the Tomyam sup is not bad^^

stopped by at a temple with a huge sleeping buddha~~~ took some pictures there...basically, nothing special at there...

group picture^^

cool cool pose except me =p

joYce and me~

last station before this 2D1N trip ends^^ floating market~~~~

pretty scenery but abit sunny^^

love it! something kinda new to me since I nvr see it before personally =)

this is so cute right ???^^

it's selling on the boat~~~ love it so much.... with drinks inside(there are lots of choices) and u can bring this cute "cup" home as a souvenir =)

it's hot !!!

drinks to cool me down =)
hello kitty XD


I spent my last cent of bhat at that place... I don't even have one cent left~~~ hehe
photo with the van that brought us here and there during this trip~

end of the post=)

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