Thursday, February 25, 2010

wooHoo 2010 CNY =)

yea....the reason I have the mood to update my blog now....
CAUSE the contract midsem test is being postponed !!!!
thanks to my her so much in a sudden...
she is so understanding..... =)))))) going to UKM tmr for the JESSUP Moot competition... so, if the test is on, I ll surely flung the paper as no time to do revision !!!! o.O
kk~ back to my main topic of this post^^
my 2010 CNY ~~~~ happy memories =)))) miss my family so much....T.T
camwhore of my stuPid look ~~

too sienz at my wai po house.....cause my cousins went out at that time.... ><.... that's why my camwhoring sickness came again =pppp
k~ here goes my lovely same age cousins^^
one frOm Cheras, one from Johor....

with my crazee uncles ^^

camwhore in the car again =p ////..... CNY wat... damn happy.... n love to see everyone being dressed up nicely^^

went to cousin sis house to pay a visit... chatted and watched movie with her for a few hours before she goes back to KL again for working... pity huh? it's just the 4th day of CNY and she has to start working.... life of working.... so, appreciate student's life !!!!

another picture with my cute looking cousin brother^^ with my specs again.... look abit like aunty in this picture...=(

well~ during CNY, not much pictures are being, I don't have much pictures to upload here.... basically, at father's side, it's more to eating eating and eating.... watching tv and chatting^^ N for my mother's side celebration, it's more to gambling gambling and gambling(I am not interested duh gal huh???), chat till the sun rise ! XD n there are lots of little kids....super damn noisy ! but then those kids are just so adorable =)
n oh ya...not to forget about drinking too^^ I drank abit larhz... keke...I mean it...abit only...=p
the last celebration of family before I came back to forest, "lao sheng" at aunt's new house^^ love her house cause there's a little cute bar next to the dining table... ^^ n she has lots of alcoholic drinks collection... ^^ did I sounded like I am so obssessed in drinking? =p
a picture with some of my cousins before I leave this party to join my friend's CNY party^^
obviously I am the oldest here... T.T

lao sheng !!!

n the end~~~~~~ it's a short holiday....but I enjoyed every moment I spent with my family especially with grandparents...miss them !!!!

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