Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love to EAT !!! =)

yummy yummy^^ favorite part other than shopping in that Hatyai trip is EATING !!!
our dinner=one of the famous unlimited steamboat and bbq....
only cost about RM10+ per pax... imagine how much u can eat ?!!!!! RM10 only lerhzzz.......
it is sort of like Bar BQ at One Utama.... but it's surely more expensive if u compare that with this~ this is unlimited babe !!!!

cheers with the food^^
love to bbq the chickens =)
their vege are not that fresh duh~

another bad thingy.....
u ll sweat a lot when u are eating.... it's super hot and smokey....
so, u ll ended up being smelly too larhz.... but who cares???? just once in a while...and we had a very full till wanna puke dinner =p

Energiser with me~~~ photo taken by Jun's DSLR.... love the quality so much !!!... when can I get one???? *dreaming*

look at how happy we were^^
dinner is done at last! after 2 hours+

another thingy.....love their 7=eleven ~~~ hahazz.....
I even took a photo with it ! =.=
reasons???? lots of reasons.....
theirs are unlike the one here...
super cheap yogurt drinks.. which is somehow my favourite^^ they are in bigger bottles=)
there are burgers to be ordered.... add those sauce and vege urself.. unlimited too!

1. McD pork burger XD nice!
2. mango rice~ sweet !
3. rice burger in 7-eleven slurrrpp......
4. cute??? also available in their 7-11..... a cute pork shape "pau"

1. Betagen... yogurt drink that I mentioned.... it's in a bigger size....n it's cheap too^^
2. sotong bakar.... my friends love it a lot!
3.Asam Jawa.... sort of their local fruit.... try it^^
4. steamboat =) nvr ever miss it!

next update~ floating market in Hatyai =)

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