Sunday, February 14, 2010

night of serendipity

happened a week ago^^
spent 2 days 1 nite at SP, Desarine's uncle house...
it was a great memory for my uni gang^^
sweet stuffs happened=) celebration of Joyce and Megan's 21st birthday too...
we got Joyce a bouquet of chocz and Meg a pair of red high heels ^^ super nice !!!!
main purpose of going to SP--->Law Dinner =)
it's our first time and we have been looking forward to it since weeks ago^^
the dress~

the clutch, necklace and earrings....haha~ well...none of them are mine XD
borrowed from each of the gurls..... the only thing that belongs to me is a pair of high heels I got at SP Vincci =) see!!! I saved lots of $$$$$$$ =p

door gift~~~chocz inside the carriage...keke~
venue: Park Avenue Hotel
time: 8pm

I like this cause it looks prettyXD
but then, the taste is just normal duh....

the, the eating session starts.... following by picture taking sessions...
the entire night is full with camera flashing lights....
love to see everyone dress up themselves... =)

make up done by Joyce and Meg^^ thanks to both of them ! *hugs hugs*

cutie Desarine~

sexy Bel ~

love this picture but then too bad it is kinda blur...sigh sigh.... she is hot !!!

pretty yinn han~ hehe

Joyce~~ elegant !

shy Allen~~~ hahaz....

Teoh... looks so different that nite !

our super cute senior~ nee jian~

Lily and sexy Megan~ =)

=) the only group picture but then too bad not all of them are in it....

more pictures available in my facebook^^ kinda lazy to upload them here~~~~
till here ^^

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