Tuesday, September 14, 2010

bAn2 21st

here comes another 21st birthday celebration =)
Ban2 who is back to Msia weeks ago yet I have no idea bout it till his BIG day !!!! =.=
a celebration at Highway Cafe at Serdang~

I was kinda late~~~~ sorry yea~~~~
cause have to wait till dad is free to send me there
oh ya, this remind me of my driving skill....
just hop on to the car that I drive and I bet u will have a very exciting journey =p

back to the birthday~~~~
a cake is a must in such event^^

those who attended the celebration~~~~

didn't meet them for quite some time~~~
including the birthday boy! almost a year~

here comes the part that every birthday gal/boy have to do~

a group picture of us ! =D
an exclusive picture for Ban and me only =P
ll surely miss u larhz... even thought u ll only remember about ur dear 11

Miss Pua who dressed in a very lady look n dear Jenny=)

every since we graduated from 2ndary school, especially when we are in different uni/college~
it's indeed kinda difficult to have a gathering~
sometimes, we only meet once in a year or even less than tat~
not much time with 'em yet I cherish every moment we spent together^^



-вαη- said...

seah!!! =D
now only i saw ur post here..
haha.. thanks for the post ya..

next time find u all again when i'm back XD

good luck and be happy ya!


daph said...

OMG! u r on SPECT! n..... do fetch me sometimes, i'm super tired of driving jor. :(