Saturday, September 4, 2010

sleeplEss-> gUnung dAtuk

the 1st activity I did right after I am back to town....
shopping ? eating ????
it's something healthy~~~~~~~

conquered another hill~~~ wakaka~~~~~
this happened on last Tuesday~
Gunung Datuk ~

nice lerhz......
360 degree view on the peak !

so, this is Gunung Datuk...
it's actually a hill, not mountain... dunno where it gets the title of being a "gunung"
located somewhere near to Seremban~
n the hike is going up non stop.....>.=

it's always going up and up and up...... that's why it is super duper tiring !!!

I just got down from the 7 hours Kedah-KL bus at 7am..
out of the house at 8.30am =P
super looking forward to the hike!
thanks to babe for accompanying~
it's the first time he joined me with my hiking friends for a hike =)

sleepy(can't sleep on the bus) + tiring hike = killing me
babe + buddies + nice scenery on the peak = giving me energy

babe posing for me =)


Dason~ he joined both of us during the halfway of the hike^^
this hiking involves lots of people as the organiser created a group on FB
thus, I don't know most of them other than my gang of hiking buddies^^

we were hiking apart during the 2 hours hike
met up again when we are near to the peak~

had a rest~ munch some food~~~~
picture taking time^^

any Idea why am I so HAPPY ???
what I saw?

BREAD! LOL......

XD~~~~ bread gal~~~~~~~~
anyway, that's Vivien behind me^^

some of the hikers~

ohya~ we brought umbrella along to the peak~
as it is damn SUNNY on the peak !

orange to quench thirst~

dear Daphne and me^^

she is our photographer~
whenever she is with me~ I seldom take pictures...=P
let her do her job and I ll "steal"pictures from her after the event~ hehez
so, this explains why not much pictures are being taken~

my honey~

appreciate him for accompanying~

and the smiley ME ! =)

very energetic after being "feed" =D

continued ---->

near to the peak =)
95% d~~~~ hahaz.....
as I have mentioned before, it's a 360 degree view on the top~
so, it's full with huge rocks~~~
there are a few ladders provided to help us climb over the rocks~

happy =)


lovely couple =P

nice right?

the scenery up there worth all the tiredness !

here comes the final part !
the peak~~~~~~
some said u can see Malacca if the weather is good~ =)

it's independence day aka National day~
so, Vivien and I were posing for the day.... XD

my vampire bf~
how can he be so fair?!!!!

sweet lerhz....bleuk !!!!

Daph's brother, YHong~
it's very dangerous up there.........

super sunny~ lucky me as I have an umbrella =)

posing on the peak~
I love this hike a lot~

he had a great time too =)

professional photographer~ hehez....

cool breeze~~~~~

lovely hike !

the journey back to the ground is tiring too !
as it's always going down going down and going down....
it hurts the toe.... ><

suffered muscles pain for 3 days after the hike....=.=
proves that playing squash every day in uni don't help me in building leg muscles....

had a memorable time with u guys !

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