Saturday, September 18, 2010

cAndleS ~

well~ it's the last day of this sem break~
time really flies.....
reluctant to go back but I need to go back and continue my uni life....
so, hope I have the energy to face all the stress that are going to say "HI" to me very soon

suppose to ask my friends out for a tanglung lighting nite since I ll not b meeting em for months....
too bad that most of em are not free and ended up the plan is cancelled...
it's a very random idea that popped up in my mind in a sudden..kinda lame...XD
kinda disappointed when the plan didn't run since I am kinda looking forward
have the urge to be back in the "young times" by lighting up tanglung and candles at the moment...

love the colourful tanglung hanging on tress^^
so, thanks dear for accompanying me since it's kinda impossible to do such things in uni...=p
oScar little bro came along too
we hang out a while at the playground nearby my house->safer^^

cUte oScar who gave me a hand~

candles lighted up by my dear~

me and my little tiger tanglung !!! =D

it's really cute^^ hahaz..... thanks to babe for it....
love it ! I sounded like a kid !!!! =.=
but it is really nice rite?????

cute oscar^^

appreciate dear for accompanying me....for such a lame activity...XD
btw... kinda like this pic....
cause my eyes looks like vampire's EYES ! hahaz///....

recall of the childhood memories.....=)
a tanglung, candles, "cooking" ^^

a comma for us~
back in year end =)

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ying said...

when u had it? gambatte=)