Monday, September 20, 2010

a sTop at iPoh

3 gals in a car~ heading from the centre of Msia towards the north-est part of Msia ^^

stopped at Ipoh on the journey back to uni~
went to the "da shu jiao" which means huge tree...(><)
super nice ice blended red bean beverage that only cost RM3 for a big glass !!!!

had this mee with some fried stuffs, sort of like yong taufu~
also a very famous dish=)
food in Ipoh is very cheap compare to KL...
super full and it only cost rm3~~~

souvenirs for friends in uni and also ordered by some of 'em
the famous salted chicken^^

an 8 hours journey and back to the hostel again~~~~
busy life ahead~
gambateh !!!! =)

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