Wednesday, September 15, 2010

late anniversary cele♥

*well~ this is a super late post~ happened a week + ago^^

a late celebration since I was still at the forest on the actual date =)

dressed up for the outing !

camwhore while he is driving ^^
put on with some make ups~~~ I am learning to put on eye shadows~~~wee~~^^
got a ticket for Piranha and went to hunt for my new purse~~~ mission failed due to the choosy me~~~
lack of time for a proper lunch and we had char kueh tiaw + carrot cake
oily but tasted not bad~ perhaps we are hungry =p
they are very expensive and the food certainly doesn't worth for the price...
there's no other choices since this is the normal price in Pavillion >.=

Piranha~ a movie which I have no comment at all other than GROSS and DISGUSTING as I dislike this kind of movie~~blek!
been hiding behind babe's shoulder during the entire show~~~~
wonder why he can laugh when those actor's/actress's hand/legs bleeding/being cut off???!!!!!
I don't even have the guts to look at those scene and yet he laughed....=.=
headed for smthg sweet after that^^


oh yea~ the gift from babe for our anniversary^^
the supergal T + a handmade card(very cute) ! He made me a card....O.o wow!
WELL~ he is damn "pro" in drawing and it's really amazing he did this for me^^
since babe sayang me so much and being the BBF ever~~~~
return him with a gift to cheer him up^^
got him a shirt at Pull and Bear and he can't wait but to wear it right after he got the shirt...XD
there u go~~~~~~^^
changing my killing heels to flats after walking for a day~~~~ relieved!!!!
but become SHORT compare to his height....=.=

headed to VS for a dinner~~~
will never visit this place again as we don't really like their food....
super dislike my dish.......
looks pretty^^
not smiling anymore when it is in my mouth =p

babe's medium rare steak~


Love ya

1 comment:

daph said...

u didn't only change ur heels to flat, u even change ur pretty cute rabbit face into a four eye froggy!
*u r wearing SPECTACLE in VS!!!?? OMG!!
PS. almost cannot remember u was a four eye creature, once upon a time, before ur relationship. LOL