Tuesday, July 7, 2009

gifts unwrapped

typed it weeks ago but didn't post it^^

this post is late for a month....
can't find a time to post it...
thanks alot to all of you~
LOVE ya~

smthg from Bing~

a box of chocolates by chocolate lounge
yea~ my favourite....
I really don't feel like eating them because it's from you guys....
they are just too lovely...
~Jacq, Ling, PY, Vicky, Keong, Lip, GJing~

seldom meet her....
but still she is with me whenever I need her~ ^^

a super huge, huggable pink bear~
I love teddies a lot even I am not a little gurl anymore =)
~Fyi, Jenny, Ban, Dan, Matt, Tick~

musical box from Kar Mun
will thought of you whenever I open it...
will surely use it nicely =)

necklace from Ice n Lulu~

Even though we are far apart.... I appreciate our friendship~ ^^

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