Monday, July 6, 2009

ciTy gurl

being a ciTy gal
used to have a playful urban life
hanging out at different malls
watched all the latest moviEs
had meals at some nice place
nights with chit chatting or yam cha session
hanging out with friends 7 days in a week

since the day I reach here I knew my life would change
being "locked" up in a forest... XD
staying in a kampung place....
all I can do is do what a student should do
as wat a lec told us today
welcome to the world of textbooks, cases, assignments, test and quiz
I will be facing piles of books very soon

I wonder... am I a tough gurl or heartless ?
I am just feeling that I am lack of something...
something which I have no idea what is it either...

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