Wednesday, January 14, 2009


it's Jfree's 20th birthday~
went Jusco to sing k~
~Jacq, Ling, PikY, Vicki, Keong~
p/s: thanks Keong n Jacq 4 the lift~
singing started at around 2.40pm till 6.40pm~

birthday cake 4 the birthday guy~
isn't the cake lovely n cute? ^^
it is named as Fish cake...
they said it's eyes r similar 2 Jfree's eyes... =p

he was trying to eat it with just one bite...

his birthday celebration~
singing.. + screaming.. >.<"
gals defeated guys...
it's nice since everyone is happy...
especially Ling2 ^^
(it's my 1st time to sing K wif her after so many years of friendship=))

well~ the most important thing->
hope the birthday boy had fun~
he seems to b very tired as one of his eyes turned to rabbit's eyes..
Happy Birthday Jfree~

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