Monday, July 5, 2010

chilled out with frIends

since it's been quite some time I didn't post up my camwhore pic.....
a camwhore pic before I start typing~ hehez....

combining a few of my outings to one post =)

went out with Jenny a week + ago~
just to hunt for my dear's 21st birthday present~
well~ I got it =) satisfy n happy !
thanks to her for the accompany~

our late lunch at Nando's after a tired walk at MV+The Gardens

met up with Jovan on last Friday who has just came back to Msia from Perth for a short holiday
venue~ MV again XD
meet him up at last ! after a year.....
had a nice lunch with him at Little Vietnam~
will miss u bro~
waiting for the pink penguin =p

n not to forget of my night life~
hanged out with friends for football watching session at mamak or hawker places~

Brazil - Netherlands
~Equine Park
dear's facial expression is cute~ hahaz........

a meet up with Lina n Prieta~
1 Malaysia =)

this time, change of venue^^ The Mines's Kenny's Rodger~
had a great dinner with them even though we only spent 2 hours + together

my best buddy in F6
my attire for the day~ almost pink from top to top =P

once again, MV -a place I have been hanging out very often! >.=
p/s: lots of movie that I wanna catch up in the cinema^^

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