Saturday, July 31, 2010

ideas ^^

in order to give him suprises
in order to create the romantic feeling
in order to let him feel I am still around him during our day
I have planned some thingys to make him smile^^

the little gift for him during our anniversary~
so far the biggest handmade project for him^^
thanks to keong for being the keeper=)
I really hope he likes it...

it's a photo album consists of 12 pictures which means 12 months=a year

sneak a peak of our love story^^

this is a game I created for him to play before I am back to uni~
it's a map with places we have been through in a year^^
super "cute" drawings of mine =P
attached with it is the movie tickets I have collected for the movie we have watched in a year^^

last but not least
a letter for him~
i walked from class to post office during break time just to send this letter^^

oh ya~~~
I asked his and my friend to send him "loves" by SMS on the day^^ suppose to be 28 "loves"...
appreciate my lovely friend's cooperation =)

well, these are basically the "suprise" I have planned for him^^
I love ya babe^^

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