Monday, July 5, 2010

the plan for his BIG day + 11

been spending time making some handmade cards for his day~
I love making cards =)
thus, I seldom buy greeting cards~~~ can save lots of money n it's special~~~~

been craving for ideas on what's the plan for his day
the day came n past at last~
I guess I gave him a great time=P

presented him love coupons a week before his birthday
smthg sweet n playful~
it's a cute game but too bad it's not that successful as he didn't really use it...

3 birthday cards = 3 pressies =)
given out on different days....

the first pressie for him^^on his birthday party
meaning = as sweet as the choz n rose

regarding to the 2nd n 3rd one~
not going to share pic here....
2nd, meaning=be sticky to you
3rd, meaning=accompany by ur side at all times
hope u get all the meanings hidden in the pressies !!!

n it's our 11th month anniversary too !
a card with stitches ~~~~
well~ I guess it correct that relationships will be stronger with some fights ? =)

I got a pair of crocs from him

presented him the 2nd pressie today~
he was kinda suprise^^ kekez......

a simple yet nice celebration with him~~~~
went to MV for TOy story 3 with him on that day =)
such a nice movie !!!!!!!! n touching at the ending~~~~~~~~~~~sob sob =P

we took some pictures as I went a bit crazy....XD

babe n me~

going to the carpark =)

His day at last !
he had class till 6pm....
n it was raining heavily~
so, not much time to be spent together....
presented him the 3rd n last gift n main gift in car!
such a big bag of thingy n he didn't realise I brought it to his car... XD
he was damn touchy....hahahahahahaha..... too bad no tears coming out... =(

went to Sunway Piramid right after his class~
he likes me in this casual style =P

Happy Birthday babe~
a small piece of cake for him !
~warm n cozy moment with ya~

hope u had fun^^

p/s : I love you =)