Friday, July 23, 2010

tHai stuDents

JJUUM- the program I have been busy for 4 days 3 nights
it's a program for those Thai students to visit my uni and improve their english at the same time
lucky to have Hann with me
we have to wake at 5.30am every day
to incharge of those non-muslim....damn SLEEPY !!!!
cause after that, we need to attend our classes....
super suffering......
and right after class, we have exercise session with our coursemates and then back to the program again =)

indeed, it's a very new experience for me
kinda a nice memory too even though both of us are exhausted !
Han and me were like "dolls" during the program... perhaps it's because we are the only chinese and we r cute? XD just kidding larhz.....
taken lots of pictures by them but just a few in my camera cause we were really tired and I don't have the mood to take pictures =P

formal in the morning =)

I will just make this post very short and simple^^
the cultural night~

Hann n me =)

those students age range around 15-18
they are super cute and friendly....
there's a communication problem between us as they can't really speak english well and we(Han n me) don't understand Thai language at all....
however, things still going on well~ we had fun with them^^

the head of the program...
he is the one who invited Hann n me into this program =)
he is a very nice leader~

last day- visiting the uni compound....
the library~

this is special !
we can never ever enter the library with such a casual attire....XD
so, that day was an exception^^

sending them off at the border ~~~~~
4 days just gone in a while~~~~

hope they had a great time at my uni^^
well, the chances of meeting them again is very low....
so, just gonna wish them all the best in their studies n life!

it's my 1st time of being so close with students from Thai....
get to know them better....
never ever expect them to be so fun^^

sweets from a cute gal and a boy before they left =) thanks.....



- Ck™- said...

Thai students? @@a

chocz-dreamland said...

yeap=)students from Thailand... why?